A mixed dog is still a mutt

First of all that dog is ugly as heck. Secondly, things like this make me sick because there are so many dogs dying in shelters that deserve loving, and caring homes. Who cares that they don’t look like a puppy their entire life–would you want to look like a baby forever? Dogs are just accessories now a days, and it isn’t right! I rescued my dog from a trailer park, where he was being eaten alive by tics and fleas. He is a choodle (chihuahua-poodle mix) and a year and a half now. I love him to bits, and he is turning into a vey handsome young pooch. I don’t care if he looks the same forever, I love him for the poochie he is and his unconditional need for my companionship.

A mixed dog is still a mutt, these “designer” dogs have so many problems. I personally prefer Pugs, they are perfect for me. Had 2 I got from reputable breeders – before they became an “In” dog due to movies like Men In Black, and Milo and Otis. Never had a single health issue, One lived to 15, the other is now 7. Had one given to me that was bought at a pet store, she didn’t live 5 years due to genetic issues. Just took home a Pug puppy from a a rescue, she isn’t “Show Quality” so the breeder took her and 3 other littler mates to a no-kill shelter at 8 weeks of age. She is perfect in our eyes, and we didn’t pay $1,000 for her, just the normal adoption fee.

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Mixed Yorkies

There are so many yorkie breeds out there (hypoallergenic or not) that can still retain it’s cuteness, longevity, and health issues. That person just has to find which breed is right for them. Plus the fact there are so many yorkie dogs in shelters looking for a home and these people created a whole new breed.

Plus if you want to get technical about it, there is no true hypoallergenic breed. They just shed less than the dogs with double coats. These Cava-poo-chons and puggles, etc are no more than just mixed breed dogs that get a name. Okay Goldendoodles are cool/cute looking, but in the end they are a mixed breed. Until someone (or someone from the AKC) says they’re a breed, then I won’t say they’re mixed anymore because a lot of breeds in the beginning were breed with several different types of breeds.

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You need a yorkie dog

“I had a yorkie dog from the dog pound. I have no idea what breed she was. She saved me from being mugged twice because the creep underestimated her ability to fly up and bite him. Then growl and chase him. She weighed about 55 lbs and lived to be l4. She was short legged and shaggy. Not pretty as pretty dogs go but funny and clever and I loved her and would replace her if I could. Now if there is there anything you would like to say about designer dogs I would just have to ask you what do you expect from a dog?. Long live the pound yorkie dogs.”– by boris

“I do have a new yorkie dog. I rescued him when he was about 8 weeks old from a backyard breeder. He is a German Shepherd maybe mixed with something. I’m not sure. His name is Daniel and he has a big job filling Tazzy’s paws but he is a big sweetheart and makes my heart sing because I miss Tazzy so much. Interestingly, Taz died on 9-11-11. He was my hero and everyone in my neighborhood was sad when he passed.” — Miriam

“All our dogs are shelter yorkie dogs, 2 were given to us because the owners could not keep them (did not have time for them). We also foster we have a pit mix that just had 5 babies. She was scheduled to be put down before she was rescued and we took her in. We also rescued a mix not sure what he is but he was also going to be put down for flipping his head! The shelter said he had issues.. still do not know what they are he is the easiest going yorkie dog we have very loving and gentle. I am not sure what guidelines they use to decide a dog is not fit? I think its we don’t have room so choose a dog to be put down! How I see it is our gain their loss!” — Ann

The best pet is one that needs a home. I have gotten a shitzu from a family getting a divorce, a hound yorkie dog from a family that had 4 dogs and wanted to move out of state, and my current shitzu from the humane society. he was the last one because he had a limp. big deal he is super the limp has been no problem at all. I have had 2 blind dogs and one that had only 3 legs, none of these things were problems. In fact the one that had only 3 legs was quite a pistol. Can you picture him sitting on the front porch wearing a muzzle, well that was Perky never to be forgotten and he has been gone over 50 years.

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About “Designer yorkie dogs”

“Designer yorkie dogs” are bred to suit the most shallow people who are interested in “looks.” A little secret–no matter how a dog looks, it is still a yorkie dog and does what dog does. That’s why so many “designer yorkie dogs” end up in shelters–because they don’t meet the expectations of shallow people. The book “Beautiful Joe” is a terrible but important book, in my opinion because it was an early American campaign against animal cruelty. One quote from it stands out to me:: “.. .she liked ugly dogs for the same reason that a nobleman at the court of a certain king did–namely, that no one else would..”

We kill millions of yorkie dogs a year and they cover every breed, age, temperament and physical condition – old, young, preganant, handicapped, deaf, blind, pure breeds, mutts. Yet people still go on breedinga and creating new “breeds” and I ask myself why? Money? That’s what it comes down to. There is also something intrinsically wrong with wanting an eternal “puppy”; when the puppy gets old and somewhat decrepit will these people leave it at a shelter? It happens everyday. ANd for those that think it doesn’t – Bubbles the Mastiff, Boca the German Shepherd, just two recent and fairly notorious cases. Dogs are NOT accessories or fashion statements, they are living, breathing, feeling creatures who will need care and supervision for years and years. We seem to live in a society where if somethng doesn’t work or doesn’t suit you, ditch it, dispose of it. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a relationship, a car, a cat, a blender or a dog! Whatever happened to fixing something, standing by something or someone and being responsible. FYI – there are wonderful yorkie dogs in shelters and rescues. If you want a yorkie dog it’s the best place to start and your pet will be spayed or neutered, which if we want to stem the tide of animal killing, is imperative. (We have three purebred dogs, all from rescues, all adopted as adults and all amazing).

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Australian Shepherd mix

We thought we’d gotten a Australian Shepherd mix at the pound. He grew to be way too large, and a veterinarian later said that he looked more like a Louisiana Catahoula hound, and we agreed. He was a wonderful animal, what ever background he was. Smart, powerful, and great with children. He was over 80 pounds, and was ruled completely by a 6 pound cat – he was never the ‘alpha’ in any situation. A little ‘baby face’ would never have fit him. With so many yorkie dogs dying in shelters, to spend $3,000 on a mixed breed dog, no less, seems heartless to me. My dog, a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever/ Chow lived to be 13 and stopped people twice from jumping my fence to rob my house. Not to mention, I felt safe walking him anytime, day or night. He was the sweetest, most protective yorkie dog in the world and I got him at a shelter at the age of 6 weeks. No, he didn’t look like a puppy when he died, he looked like the gentleman that he had became over time.

People need adopt all of the existing dogs

When I read such articles – I could scream out loud. Instead, my heart cries deeply at the endless insanity & selfishness of our human race when it comes to such matters.

These are NOT things people – they are living, breathing, feeling, thinking creatures. They are NOT “accessories”. Oh my gosh, I could implode over this endless nonsense.

First, all human beings who are not doing so – need step up & spay/neuter. It ought be law. Next, all those who continue to allow new litters to be born need stop doing so – matters not whether mixed or purebred. Then, all searches for new breeds & all actions to create these new breeds also needs stop.

Then, people need adopt all of the existing dogs & cats. Shelters & rescue places ought be used in rare circumstances only.

This will not happen, I know. Sad, but true. It does NEED to happen since fact is = millions of innocent dogs & cats are killed every single day bec no homes can be found. Is this not insane? Yes it is. And it matters not whether mixed breeds or purebreds – all are killed equally.

Wake up humans – our kindred critters need your help. Human beings need become responsible for our kindred critters out there. Not only do they need more rights to quality of life – they need have the life they were blessed with period! We have endless critters who need homes w/more dropped off at shelters every single day. It is long overdue that we need a breeding moratorium until all those already lonely & homeless are blessed w/homes.

This is insane. This is inexcusable. I realize what I wish would happen, sadly, tragically, will not come to fruition. This is me simply sharing what I wish all humans would do. All dogs & cats are wonderful – not just those who are purebred nor just those who “look like babies their entire life”. How absurd.

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1% of our human population knows how to train and handle a dog

This is the kind of thing that keeps our pounds over crowded. When people see dollar signs and put out that much money for a dog they think of breeding them to make money, and the next thing you know their are a bunch of dogs running around with messed up temperaments and health problems. Haven’t we learned anything from the 101 dalmations, tacobell chehaha. Now with reality TV of military dogs or police K9s everyone wants a German Shepherd Dog ,or a Belgian malinois. The truth is only 1% of our human population knows how to train and handle a dog. Poor dogs don’t have a chance with those odds so we kill them by the thousands.

All dogs need to be trained, bottom line. Both my past dog and current dog were trained for over two years with refresher courses along the way. Daniel, (my GSD) is at 22 months, is still in training. I have nothing against basic training at pet stores but the larger breeds, ie: GSDs and Belgian Malinois, need a strong trainer who can help the owner deal with the working class of dogs. BTW, if Pitt Bull owners spend the time having their pits trained properly, they are wonderful family dogs as well as great working dogs too. The secret is always in letting a dog, any dog, know who the alpha in the family is and to make sure that they don’t think they are it.

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Yorkie mix

You can call them designer breeds and charge a lot of money but they are still mixed breed (mutt) dogs. You can go to a shelter/rescue and find many mixed breed dogs without having to drop big bucks. I adopted a Yorkie mix from my local shelter a little over two years ago. We participated in a charity walk together and so many people were asking me what sort of mix she was because she was so cute but so different looking from a purebred Yorkie. Out of curiosity, I had a DNA test done on her and found that she is primarily a yorkie/cocker spaniel mix. If I Google that online, I find that these are typically called Corkies and are considered a designer breed. I didn’t need to seek out a breeder or pay big bucks; I just needed to go to my shelter and find a dog that was in need of a home. She is a wonderful, sweet, loving dog.

So now the media is publicizing puppy mill dogs. That’s all this is. I don’t care how well you do breed, you can’t have reliable appearance and temperament in just 2-3 generations. Accidentally cross-bred dogs may still be great dogs, but you really can’t know what you’re getting with a deliberately cross-bred one. The people who designed the original Labradoodle regretted it; they did not get the results they anticipated, but they started a trend that has been picked up by the mills.

“Designer” dog breeds

The reason the AKC doesn’t recognize “designer” dog breeds is due to the stringent requirements for a breed standard. Most people aren’t aware of how much work ethical breeders do to weed out health problems and deformities, often reducing their profit margin to next to nothing after screening, etc. is done. In the case of these mixed breeds being sold for insane prices, consumers often aren’t aware that their Yorkie-poo may look wildly different from another Yorkie-poo. One Golden Doodle may look more like a golden-haired standard poodle while another may lean more towards a curly-haired retriever.

If a person begins a strict breeding program to legitimize a breed, the AKC has procedures for accepting new breeds. Obviously the designer dog breeders don’t care to do this because they don’t have to spend the time selectively breeding, they don’t have to spend the money on papering their litters, and they don’t feel any pressure to get titles or ribbons for their breeding stock from the AKC to prove their animals are healthy and conform to a standard. Leaving them as glorified mutts is much more profitable despite the risk of random physical attributes, health issues, and temperament.

I’ve had 3 rescue dogs in my life time and 2 pure bred. Two of the rescues were great dogs, One had health issues. One of the pure bred was not the brightest the other became too aggressive. I waited 10 years to get a small dog again and looked around for what I felt fit me and my family, I ended up deciding on a Morkie (Yorkshire/Maltese) Mutt or not, shelter dog or not, AKC or not she is what I wanted and what I got and I do not regret my choice. She’s an amazing dog, a huge personality in a small package and I would recommend her breed to anyone. And no matter what I paid for her or didn’t, where I got her or not, she makes me smile every morning and through out the day and THAT is what is important to me and my family.

I have a “designer dog” a shi poo that I got from people I met at a campground. She is absolutely wonderful and our “baby”. They had a litter that they needed help getting rid of. I paid $50 for their expenses and shots. My son has severe cat dander allergies. I am glad they are able to “breed” lower dander dogs. Otherwise, my kids would be unable to have pets. Shelters are a great place to find dogs. We can’t lose the pure bred dogs either or the traights that they portray. Not everyone is a terrior person, and not everyone appreciates a high energy dog or a low energy one either. There is a time and place for everything.

I support purebred dogs and responsible breeders help create healthier pets who have wonderful temperaments. But these custom created dogs are from a very small gene pool that cannot be healthy. Focusing on looks and not temperament is ridiculous. If there wasn’t demand for these dogs, it would all stop. I had my 3 month old Keeshond puppy (the cutest thing ever) out and some Japanese tourist saw her. They were so upset that the was a puppy and wouldn’t look like that forever. I can see them paying thousands for a dog like this and not caring that it died at age 3 from a genetic condition. Although the results can be similar, there is a difference between a mutt and a cross-bred animal. A mutt is the result of an unintended crossing either when the female escapes or a strange dog manages to get in during the time the female is in heat. Cross breeding is when the parents are deliberately selected for the qualities the pups will inherit. Cross-breeding is the correct term. The term “Designer Dogs” is just a marketing term used to raise the selling price of these pups. These dogs look cute, and by outbreeding to different strains, many of the genetic deficiencies can be eliminated, but the prices being asked are ridiculous. There is no reason why a pup should cost ten times as much as either parent.

If people dont want their dog to grow up and lose it’s puppy face, then why get a dog at all? The best part of having a pet is watching them grow up into the best friend and family that they were meant to be. Aging is part of life, it cannot be escaped under any circumstances, for anyone, or anything. If you cannot accept that your pet will have grey hairs in 10 years, it really makes for an ugly character, and people like this dont deserve to have something so loving as a dog (or any other pet) by their side. Do us all a favor and go buy a stuffed animal. It will last longer. And you wont have to worry bout it on your carpet.

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